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Talent Development for Business Partnering

Many general counsels have told us that too often their talented lawyers are caught up doing work that others should be doing such as completing contract documentation, project management and reviewing marketing literature. Some add that 'the business does not know how to use us and it's partly our own fault'. Time and again we have heard these legal leaders say 'We should be seen as business partners not just compliance officers'. The current emphasis on Efficiency must be balanced with ensuring Core Talent is retained and developed.

Fundamental questions

BULR Talent Programme first asks you what better results you are looking for in terms of

  • How the business views your team
  • How your team views the business
  • How well your team can analyse the business
  • How your team communicates a deep understanding of the business colleagues
  • How well you and your team know what guarantees exceptional performance

Tough questions

Once we have the answers to these broad questions from you, we then ask you the really tough much narrower question

"Who on your team do you regard as really talented?"

So many talent development programmes fizzle out because people fudge this issue. A talent development programme is not the same as a Learning & Development programme. It begins with identifying the high potentials whose development you want to prioritise. These are the people whom you want to retain, who build the
in-house brand and who will be sought after by other legal leaders. Don't worry about the effects on other members of your team. We will design with you a communication strategy that ensures the talent programme is perceived as transparent and fair.

Talent DNA

DNA here stands for Development Needs Analysis. Once you tell us whom you want to develop, we meet each of them individually so they can tell us what development they seek. We'll ask some searching questions some of which they may not have considered. We will then come back to you to discuss common themes, individual needs and what experiences we can design with you and your colleagues in the business to transform core talent performance. Our programmes are designed to consist of projects to solve real business needs, to be based in peer-groups that challenge and support members and to deliver measurable results.

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