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The purpose of Legal Services is to ensure our clients GET better results

We do this by applying our proprietary methodology GET.

GET consists of tools and processes:-

  • That target measurable Growth (G),
  • Which identify and implement Efficiencies (E)
  • Which create bespoke programs that Transform (T) the
    performance of core talent

GEGrowth, Efficiency, TransformationQuestions we want to ask you


  • What are your drivers of growth - internally, externally?
  • Are you measuring all growth indicators?
  • How do you ensure commitment of core talent to growth?
  • Do you know how to involve customers in developing products and services?


  • Are your best people overworked?
  • Is your core talent free to focus on higher value work?
  • Are you clear on the difference between your organisation's/department's core and non-core work?
  • How can you reduce the cost of your back office functions?
  • Do you know how to take advantage of global sourcing fast?
  • Have you had an objective assessment of the right kind of outsourcing for your business/department?


  • Have you got your list of the key talent on whom your business/department depends?
  • How do they view your commitment to them?
  • Is investment in their development truly cutting edge? For example, are you making the recent findings of brain research on performance available to them?