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Getting the most out of your Law Firm Panel

Busy GCs tell us that their primary focus is to deliver better results. They also tell us that they are being asked by their CFOs to do this whilst getting the very best value for money in what looks likely to be a tough market for sometime.

We also know from our extensive experience of working with both in-house teams and law firms that the collaborative process for focusing on how this works is time consuming and often complex. There are many models out there and things are now being further complicated by the rise of intelligent document assembly tools and legal process outsourcing.

BULR has been created as a response to what we have been hearing from the market.

  • How can we create a win-win for panel firms and our own in-house team?
  • How can we get just the right level of investment from our panel?
  • What new working models will drive better value for money whilst protecting the critical relationships that exist between my business and our suppliers?
  • How can I afford the time and the resource to manage this?
  • What else is working and why and how?
  • What should I be asking my panel firms about LPO, technology and how they intend to
    help us?

Our team has over 20 years of experience and has worked with over 3500 in-house lawyers and dozens of top law firms to bring this all together to help address one simple question


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