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Get ready for LPO

Much has been said about the potential impact the legal processing outsourcing providers will have on our market. For us LPO is only a small part of the equation. Here at BULR we have brought together skills that our clients tells us are essential for developing a legal delivery strategy that enables their businesses to get better results. The supply of legal services is a delicate balance between

  • The position of the legal department within a larger organisation
  • How they use technology,
  • How they manage their law firms
  • How they set their future strategy to optimise the potential benefits of off-shore delivery

So how do we help our clients?

  • Developing an overall strategy for legal delivery
  • Assessing where technology can best help
  • Providing independent assessment for best use of panel firms
  • Providing insight into the fragmented and embryonic LPO market
  • Designing low cost pilots to test models and build businesses cases that have robust financial underpinning
  • Co-developing with our clients the necessary behavioural change processes needed to move to a new way of working (often overlooked within the LPO market)

We have extensive experience of LPO pilots and early adopter case studies to save you time and money in getting to an integrated solution fast.

Contact us for more information about how we GET better results for our clients.