Frequently asked questions

The pressures and the opportunities

In the past eighteen months, the economic climate has forced law firms and legal departments to consider their size and structure. Many law firms have had to undertake large scale restructurings and cut costs substantially and many General Counsels are under pressure to reduce cost and at the same time bridge the gap between levels of demand and delivery capability.

If you are asking yourself any of the following questions please contact us to discover how we can help.

How big does my legal team need to be?
I don't have any budget can you help me anyway?
Will it take much of my time as my team are stretched even now?
Are you the same as the LPO providers out there?
Can you help me with managing my people issues?
Can you guarantee I can reduce costs and increase risk control...sounds like an impossible task to me?
Can you help if my team or firm are internationally dispersed?
This is great but getting the business to engage in such a program is almost impossible...what do i do about that?
What technology platforms do you use?
Getting my own IT guys to make this work is going to be tough...how might we overcome that?
We have a partner development programmhow is this any better?
How do you get growth in such a tough market?