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E-learning and knowledge management

E-learning has been proved to save our clients substantial amounts of both time and money. It enables large numbers of people to be trained quickly on key compliance/risk issues reducing costs in training for both legal department and business people. For example, an estimated cost to train 5,000 staff on an area such as competition law within a bank through traditional methods would be in excess of '160,000 ($250,000) with the total costs of an e-learning programme likely to cost 20-25% of this.

BULR can provide a comprehensive suite of e-learning services to help GC's:

  • Improve the quality of training on legal and compliance issues
  • Provide consistent training
  • Provide on-demand training for all new starters
  • A users understanding is tested and recorded so that the client can be sure that the material has been understood
  • Records are available to demonstrate compliance or assist with defending (grievance) claims
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce cost

Topics include:

  • Competition Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Employment Law Training
  • Data Protection
  • Ethics
  • Directors Responsibilities
  • LSA Compliance
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Conflicts
  • Environmental Compliance

Why e-learning?

Time saving

An e-learning course on area such as data protection would normally take less than a third of the time for each member of staff to learn as there is no travel time (as learners can access the course from work, home, mobile laptop or smartphone). The use of accelerated learning techniques embedded into the e-learning allows concepts to be explained faster as well as easier to recall. Ratios of learning an comprehension of high quality e-learning in comparison to classroom training is stated as 2:1 or 3:1 ratios e.g. 3 hours of classroom training time is equal to 1 hour of e-learning.


A number of recent research studies by the ATSD in knowledge retention of e-learning versus classroom training has shown that exam marks are better in e-learning than classroom training. When higher quality e-learning is created with advanced brain friendly learning embedded into the delivery method, the results for e-learning effectiveness increases. High quality e-learning is able to take the best explanation from the best expert and explain a concept in a visual and interactive fashion.

Preferred learning style

Another benefit of e-learning is that learners are able to learn at their own pace, rather than struggling to keep up faster learners or becoming frustrated at being held back by slower learners. Advanced memory techniques are used in the BULR learning materials to embed the knowledge deeper into memory so recall and recognition is better.


Our BULR e-learning courses have high success rates as the delivery is consistent, it is not affected by factors such as

  • Inexperienced trainers not being aware of latest adult learning techniques
  • The trainer having to cope with business distraction as this isn't their core role
  • Differing personal delivery styles across larger businesses impacting on business wide understanding of policy.

One of e-learning's great strengths is that it ensures quality of training consistently each time;


The ease of accessibility is also a powerful reason to invest in such a platform. Induction training for permanent staff or contractors can be delivered at any time rather than having to wait for the next induction course to allow someone to join or the other issue of allowing someone to join without any induction training. Also unlike traditional learning methods, learning can be refreshed, accessed and used as a performance support tool for the moment the knowledge is needed.

Assessed and measurement

With e-learning, knowledge can be delivered, tracked & assessed before allowing new starters to go live with an organisation. Within certain areas, this can be viewed as an insurance policy to prove that staff have been trained, if the need arises to prove this.

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