Management Efficiency

Our aim is to help in-house teams transform the way they serve the business. We also use this knowledge to work with law firms to improve efficiency.

We achieve this by blending:-

  • access to intuitive and secure technology
  • experience of making that technology work in complex organisations
  • independent project implementation

The benefits are:-

  • Better managed legal risk
  • Added value by freeing up lawyers to focus on high value work
  • Reduced spend by getting more from legal resources and reduced reliance on external counsel (in-house teams)
  • Improved matter profitability (law firms)
  • Increase in job satisfaction
  • The process of dealing with routine legal matters has become much more efficient, consistent and controlled
  • Helps senior decision-makers to make informed and timely decisions on risk strategy
    Improvement in image of legal in the business

Examples of what we do:-

  • The development of legal and risk intranet resources with business enabling tools such as guidance maps on key topics and FAQs
  • The development of a 'Risk Management Framework' for the business tailored by role, activity and geographical location giving clarity on what each individual needs to know and how they assist with risk management
  • Document management and sharing facility
  • Document assembly tools to enable automated contract generation by the business with controlled oversight
  • The implementation of extranets to enable collaborative working and knowledge sharing between in-house teams and law firms
  • Establishment of e-learning tools for on demand, consistent and monitored training to the business on key legal and risk topics