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Document assembly and management

Our document assembly and management tools use the award winning Contract Express for Sharepoint system from Business Integrity. This unique contract creation and management software automates the drafting, review and management of legal contracts and agreements.

The system can automate the creation of many types of documents from basic non disclosure agreements and sales contracts through to the most sophisticated legal agreements.

By completing an online business orientated questionnaire, users can create a legally compliant document from standard terms which have been pre-approved by the legal department.

The document assembly tool comes with an intelligent contract management system which helps the legal team manage risk: If the answers in the questionnaire are complete and compliant then a contract is generated immediately as a PDF document for the user to send out. If however the answers given are incomplete, non standard or if they do not comply with agreed risk policies, the user will not be able to access the contract until it has been approved by the legal team.


For Legal management, it offers lower risk and reduced legal spend. For Sales management, revenue acceleration and decreased time to contract and for Financial and Compliance management there is guaranteed compliance with policy and revenue certainty.

Improved results likely include

  • Business contracted more quickly with less redline negotiation - earlier revenue recognition;
  • More consistent and compliant contracts;
  • Legal able to focus on higher value matters;
  • Reduced external law firm spend.

BULR's Managed Solution

BULR recognise the challenges involved in setting up and maintaining new systems within existing company networks.

The costs and distractions involved in doing this can be extensive. To meet this challenge, BULR provides a hosted and managed solution for all our IT based services. BULR also have legally qualified document assembly experts available to help you maintain existing document templates and support you in the creation of new templates as your use of the system expands.

The benefits of this approach for you include:

  • No software and hardware start-up costs - all the infrastructure and services you need is charged in one flat rate annual fee.
  • Fastedepending upon your needs, you can be using the system within weeks - a fraction of the time to implement a full internal solution.
  • High end servicwe have invested in state of the art hardware, network infrastructure and security for our clients
  • Maintained servicwe will look after the maintenance, backup, upgrades, security updates etc of the systems Suppornew users can be added and old users removed instantly.
  • Your IT resources are free to focus on core systems

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