Mentoring is not coaching. GC's and senior leaders in law firms today face possibly the most challenging and dynamic time to be a lawyer or in the legal market.

Our senior team have been working 1 to 1 with both GCs and senior partners in major law firms for over 10 years. We go beyond coaching and bring business mentoring skills to the relationship. We have helped clients who want to...

  • Develop innovative strategies for their legal team, their law firm or their division.key client.
  • Help develop the necessary leadership skills to execute on high impact change programmes
  • Reposition themselves as board members, thought leaders in a given market
  • Transform a major client relationship they are leading from both a positional and financial perspective
  • Push the boundaries of what they believe they can achieve from a career development stand point
  • Make an impact in a new role

We work at a very personal level and will only ever take a mentoring assignment on if we and our clients feel passionately about the results we can achieve and that real value can be driven out of our work together.

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